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Your home should always provide the power necessary for your daily activities. You and your family may grow to need more electricity than your home can currently handle, but you don’t have to move out of a house full of memories to meet your new needs. Instead, trust  Bear Copper Electric  for electrical panels and breakers in Folsom that can improve the efficiency and consistency of your power.

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When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Panel

Your electrical panel is responsible for diverting power throughout your   home. An upgrade could include adding more circuit breakers or replacing current ones to improve safety and withstand more electricity.
A few reasons to upgrade your panel include:

  • It’s 25+ years old: If your home has its original panel, the wiring could be outdated, and you’re putting your home at risk for an electrical fire. Often, aging systems are inconsistent and not up to date with current safety protocols. It’s time to replace your wiring if you see sparks when you plug items in, flickering lights, or a burning smell.
  • Increased power demands: You may have a new family member, updated smart appliances, or an EV charger for your new vehicle. Bear Copper Electric is here for you, no matter why you need more power.
  • You’re using power strips: Older homes tend to have fewer outlets, and if you’re using power strips in every space of your home, it’s time to upgrade. The constant use of extension cords can overload your system with electricity it can’t manage.

Common Circuit Breaker Issues

Circuit breakers flip when too much power is drawn. They are critical in keeping your electrical system safe and preventing hazards.
Here are typical problems to watch out for:

  • Overloaded circuits: This happens when excessive devices are being powered on one circuit. This trips the breaker to prevent overload and usually occurs occasionally. If this happens frequently, you may not have enough circuits for your home.
  • Short circuit: When a hot wire comes in contact with the neutral wire, it disrupts the current path to cause a short. When plugging in appliances, check the cord for damage if this happens. Otherwise, you may smell burning that indicates excessive wear and tear or bare wires behind the walls. Let our expert team at Bear Copper Electrical provide upgraded electrical panels and breakers to keep shorts out of your electrical system.
  • Ground fault: When your hot wire touches a ground wire or other metal component, it causes a ground fault. These are commonly generated in a kitchen with improper plugs that are not protected against water.
  • Hot outlets: Switches or outlets that are hot to the touch are a sign of miswiring. You may smell burning or see discoloration near your outlet. Your electrical system is getting too hot and potentially sparking to cause this burnt smell.

These common circuit breaker issues signify it’s time for repair or upgrades. Let Bear Copper Electrical provide expert solutions, so your home is up to today’s safety standards and able to handle daily tasks.

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