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New construction allows you to customize your home from the ground up. You may be focusing on countertops or paint colors to bring your aesthetic together, but the electrical system is a critical part of your home’s functionality.  Bear Copper Electric is the team to call to mesh a beautiful aesthetic with a functional electrical system. We are a customer-based company that is dedicated to offering new and improved products, so your electrical new construction in Folsom includes the best technology.

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At-Home EV Charging

Your garage should be just as luxurious as the home built around it, and new construction is the perfect time to include an at-home charger for your electric vehicle. Spending hours at a public station is a thing of the past. Instead, stay in the comfort of your own home. We are certified installers and affiliates for 12 of the leading EV charging station manufacturers, including Tesla, Clipper Creek, ChargePoint, Wallbox, Emporia, Solar Edge, Webasto, Bouge RV, Electron, Mustard, and Juicebox, so you can trust that we will install the ideal charger for your vehicle with expertly trained team members.

At-home charging is much safer and more cost-effective than using public stations. It also is more convenient, so you don’t have to drive on a low battery looking for a station or wait in line for other vehicles to finish charging. Make charging your electric vehicle a stress-free experience by being able to relax at home, knowing your car is in good hands.

Take Control Of Your System

A custom-built home allows you to design every room and system for superior functionality and aesthetics, including your electrical system. Considering the number of electrical products you use can help create a system that works for you. Our pros will focus on keeping your home up to code and well organized. 
Here are some components you can focus on:

  • Power outlets  need to be accessible, so charging your phone, plugging in a lamp, or running your refrigerator is easy. Deciding where you want your furniture is the first step to finding the best place for a socket. If you like lamps, game consoles, and smart appliances, you may need more outlets to manage your electrical draw.
  • The placement of your   light switches  is crucial to stop you from walking into a dark home. You may want smart switches with voice commands or a two-way switch that allows you to turn off the lights as you exit into the next room. If you love art or family photos on your wall, have a rough estimate of their location so your new light switches don’t get in the way of displaying what is important to you.

Bear Copper Electric is the team to trust for expert electrical new construction in Folsom. We are a resource for new products, so when our affiliates design updated technology, we’re the first to receive it.

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EV Chargers

We want to make sure that every EV driver in the Folsom area has access to reliable, effective, and high-quality charging stations from trusted manufacturers.

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We can provide lighting solutions and more so you can create the room of your dreams with expert lighting in your home or business.

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Panels & Breakers

Ask about how we can update your electrical panels and breakers to improve the efficiency and consistency of your power.

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Commercial Services

See what our commercial electricians can do to support your business – call (916) 461-8671 for a free consultation and estimate today!

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Electrical New Construction

We are a customer-based company that is dedicated to offering new and improved products, so your electrical new construction in Folsom includes the best technology.

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Pools & Hot Tubs

Don’t get into a cold hot tub or a dark pool when we can provide expert pool and hot tub electrical services. Call today for more information!

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