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Upgrade Your Space with Luxury Lighting Solutions In El Dorado Hills & Granite Bay

Lighting can make or break your living space. Harsh lights can remove the coziness from a room and make relaxing difficult. Color-changing lights can set the mood or make entertaining a breeze. String lighting or decorative chandeliers make a space feel luxurious.  Bear Copper Electric  provides these lighting solutions and more so you can create the room of your dreams with expert lighting in Folsom. Increase comfort with designated lighting for each room.

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Lights For Every Space


We know your kitchen serves many purposes in your home!
That doesn’t mean you must have unsightly fluorescent lights — here are some alternative lighting options:

  • Pendant lighting
  • Underlit cabinets
  • Recessed lights

Living Room

Your living room is multi-faceted — it’s where you watch movies with your family, read, and watch your kids do their homework. This space needs various lighting solutions for these activities and more.
Some lighting solutions include:

  • Accent lighting
  • Chandelier
  • Task lighting


Your bedroom is often where you’re the most comfortable. You may need lighting to read, relax before bed, or wake you up in the morning.
Bedroom lighting may include:

  • Mood or decorative lights
  • Task lighting
  • Ceiling fan with light

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Exterior Lighting

No matter the neighborhood, exterior lighting is essential protecting your home and maintaining your peace of mind, while also illuminating the space.
Here are a few other ways to create adequate security lighting and transform your home:

  • Landscape lighting: Create a ring of security with landscape lighting that can beautifully accent your windows and gardening while providing protection.
  • Indirect lighting: Floodlights are great for lighting up space but can irritate your neighbors and make it hard to sleep. Indirect lighting can be warmly toned and aimed at specific areas around your home to prevent disrupting you or your neighbors.
  • Task lighting: Downlights can shine onto a pathway to help you see where you’re going while also identifying guests.
  • Entry lighting: Back and side doors are the common locations for this lighting; illumination at these entry points will often be seen by any visitors.
  • Floodlights: Floodlights should be motion censored to highlight activity disrupting your neighborhood 24/7. These lights should be placed at entrances and driveways for optimal usage and minimal disruption unless it’s an emergency.

Trust Bear Copper Electric for expert lighting options that can protect your property and set the mood in your home. Whether you’re searching for chandelier installation or landscape lighting for safety, our team provides optimal solutions. Lighting is an integral part of your space to improve functionality and make rooms unique and comfortable. Let us help create a luxury home with high-quality lighting in Folsom!

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We can provide lighting solutions and more so you can create the room of your dreams with expert lighting in your home or business.

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