Why Copper Wiring is Best for your Home?

Why Copper Wiring is Best for your Home?

Time and again, people have debated over whether copper is the best electrical wiring material over aluminum and this post will try to settle this debate once and for all in the following sections.

Here goes –

Copper Conducts Electricity Better Than Aluminum

The primary aspect that you should be considering while choosing between copper and aluminum electrical wiring is that the overall electrical conductivity of aluminum is lower than that of copper.

Why does this matter?

Well, you want the electrical system of your home to be efficient, don’t you!? It is the only way to keep the electrical bills of your home within your budget,

Hence, if you invest in aluminum electrical wiring for your home, the system will be less efficient and your home will be consuming more energy than it should as most of the electricity will be lost when the same will be flowing from the mains to the appliances in your home.

A revered electrical contractor Folsom advises all of their clients to choose copper electrical wiring to keep the inefficiency factor low in the electrical system of their homes.

Copper Wires Don't Become Saggy with Time

A spokesperson associated with Bear Copper Electric – a revered electrical contractor El Dorado Hills stated that aluminum electrical wiring becomes loose over the years.

That is not the case with copper electrical wiring as copper is a flexible metal. This means that the connection between point A and point B in your home’s electrical system will remain optimal and will ensure no instances of electrical arcing or loss of electricity occur – issues that are rampant in an electrical system made using aluminum electrical wiring.

Copper Comes with a Very High Melting Point

As per the opinion of a revered electrician Folsom, compared to aluminum electrical wires, copper electrical wires can keep instances of electrical fires at bay for long!


Well, the reason is simple –

The melting point of aluminum is lower compared to copper which means that aluminum wires can give way to an electrical surge, melt, and can even create the perfect conditions to start an electrical fire.

This won’t be the case when you will choose copper electrical wiring for your home. Copper electrical wires can remain operational even when it is being subjected to electrical loads which are higher than their recommended levels for quite some time, without melting and without starting an electrical fire.

Hence, if you are looking for electrical wiring that can save your life and the lives of your loved ones then you should invest in copper electrical wires and not aluminum electrical wires.


You have spent a considerable amount of money when you chose to build your dream home. Hence, while choosing the electrical wiring material, do not be a miser and choose aluminum wiring over the ever-reliable copper electrical wiring as it is evident by now that copper electrical wiring is your best bet when you are looking for safety and efficiency in your home’s electrical system. In this context, be sure to hire a reliable electrical contractor that has been in business for a while. It is the only way to make sure that you will get the desired results and that too without breaking your bank!


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