Top 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Newly Installed EV Charger

Top 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Newly Installed EV Charger

Top 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Newly Installed EV Charger

If you’re an eco-conscious resident of Folsom, California, chances are you've already taken the admirable step of investing in an electric vehicle (EV). To make that investment even more worthwhile, perhaps you’ve chosen Bear Copper Electric for your home or office EV charger installation. You’ve made an excellent choice, but installing an EV charger is just the beginning of your green journey. Here are the top three tips to maximize the use of your newly installed EV charger with Bear Copper Electric.

  1. Charge Smart: Opt for Off-Peak Hours

The first tip revolves around the concept of off-peak charging. Electricity rates are subject to fluctuation based on the demand. During high-demand hours, the rates usually skyrocket. However, Bear Copper Electric offers advanced programmable EV chargers that allow you to set a specific charging schedule. If you live in Folsom, CA, it’s worth checking when off-peak hours are—typically late at night or early in the morning—and programming your charger accordingly. Off-peak charging not only lowers your electricity bill but also alleviates stress on the power grid, which is good for the community and the environment.

  1. The Importance of Regular Maintenance

As durable and reliable as Bear Copper Electric's chargers are, every electronic device benefits from regular maintenance. Most people overlook this simple but crucial aspect of owning an EV charger. To keep your charger in top condition, make sure to clean the charging port and inspect the cable and connectors for any signs of wear and tear. A well-maintained charger will serve you well for years to come, offering efficient performance and contributing to your vehicle’s longevity. Check out the maintenance guidelines provided by Bear Copper Electric to make sure you’re on the right track.

  1. Get Smart with Charging Features

Many modern EV chargers come with 'smart' features, and if you've opted for a state-of-the-art model, you’re in for a treat. Smart chargers offer functionalities like remote control through a dedicated smartphone app, energy usage statistics, and the option for integration with smart home systems. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these features. You’ll be surprised at how much they enhance your daily charging experience, providing better control and real-time information on your energy consumption.

Choosing Bear Copper Electric for your EV charger installation in Folsom, CA, is the first step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. However, to extract the most value from this excellent technology, you need to be smart about how you use it. By opting for off-peak charging, keeping up with regular maintenance, and utilizing the advanced smart features, you'll ensure that your green journey is as efficient and rewarding as possible.

So, why wait? Implement these tips today and drive into a greener future.


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