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Lighting installation is more important than you might think at first glance. As you enter most rooms, you hit a switch and a light comes on. Maybe it’s a fixture in the middle of the ceiling, or a lamp in the corner, or a shop light above your work station in the garage…

Installing the right lighting can bring focus and attention to a bright and beautiful kitchen where friends and family share laughs and meals together. Set a cozy, romantic, or even spooky mood for watching movies on the couch. Evoke emotions about the dramatic effect on the colors of a piece of artwork on the wall. Define pathways, stairwells, hand rails, and borders of your outdoor spaces. And decorate for your favorite holidays with all the bright colors and flashing patterns that bring out the child in all of us.

We help find the right kind of light that will best suit your application and style. Whether you choose recessed lighting, surface mounted fixtures or specialty products like LED strips or under cabinet lights, we can provide high quality products from vendors all over the world and professionally install them.

Once you choose the lighting of your dreams, we work to develop a layout to illuminate any space. Fixture placement that provides ambient, directional, spot, functional and/or accent light anywhere inside or outside.

And what would your new lighting system be without controls tailored to meet your needs! Adding manual or programmable dimmers allow control of brightness from 0% to 100% for incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED fixtures. Installing switches in more convenient locations, and even in multiple locations gives you control of lighting anywhere you want it. And with motion sensors, photo controls, and timers you can save energy automatically and with just the flick of a switch!

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