Electrical Upgrades That Your Home Needs ASAP!

People here in the US prefer to buy pre-owned homes.

While this might be a great way to preserve old but beautiful homes that remind us of the old American way of life, living in these decades-old properties, does come with its fair share of issues.

For instance, the electrical system of an old American home might have a myriad of issues.

So what is the solution?

Well, an electrical system upgrade is the way of the wise.

What aspects of an old American home need upgrades and additions?

Well, there are lots but the most important electrical upgrades that your home needs as soon as possible, according to a licensed electrician in El Dorado Hills are as follows –


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or commonly known as GFCI’s are a must-have for all American homes.

It is the perfect electrical system upgrade for the electrical circuits that power up the kitchen area, the bathrooms, and the outdoor areas of your home.

Why install it?

Well, GFCI’s can switch a circuit off as soon as it detects the circuit is compromised in case the same is subjected to moisture.

This helps in the efficient prevention of electrical shocks and electrical fires.


Old American homes had electrical panels that were not at all energy efficient.

Hence, according to the opinion of the best electrician in El Dorado Hill CA, homeowners who choose to upgrade the aging electrical panels in their home, end up saving more than 50% energy.

This also ensures that the utility bills of that home will come down by many folds.

Convincing right!?


If you live with your loved ones in an old American house then it is high time to call the best electrician in El Dorado Hills and ask the experts to upgrade the entire electrical wiring of the property.

Back in the day, the electrical wires used in homes were not at all efficient or safe. They were coated with insulating material that was susceptible to weathering, electrical leaks, and arcing.

Furthermore, in case of electrical fires, the insulating material on old electrical wiring can act as fuel.

How is that possible?

Well, unlike modern electrical insulation, the insulating material on old electrical wiring used here in the US was not fire-proof.

For a safer home, hire the experts and upgrade the electrical wiring of your house today!


The addition of surge protectors to your home’s electrical system will help keep your loved ones safe during a power surge.

A power surge is a sudden increase in electrical voltage that could be the result of some issues with the power supply or an electrical storm in the vicinity.

If this sudden burst of high voltage is not stopped by a surge protector, the delicate electrical circuits inside all the electrical appliances in your home will get fried.

Hire an expert electrician and ask them to install surge protectors in your home for the best results.


For more details, consult with the experts in the sector – Bear Copper Electric. It is a licensed company that offers all forms of electrical services to homes and businesses in and around Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and Granite Bay. Contact by calling (916) 234-0736 or by sending an email at kodiak@bearcopperelectric.com.


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