Electrical Circuit Design

Electrical Circuit Design

Every electrical system that exists in your home or office was originally developed by the engineers at the construction firm that built the building. But what if you want to add or change a circuit? What if you want to add or change several circuits?!

With careful calculations, we can determine the correct wire size, circuit breaker, devices, equipment, and even the impact they will have on your entire electrical system. All of this will ensure that whatever we install operates properly, but more importantly, that it operates safely! Without the inconvenience of tripping breakers or the dangers of overheated wires or equipment!

Electrical circuit design for residential projects with single phase applications ranges from new lighting systems and controls to kitchen and bathroom remodels, and even new equipment like hot tubs, electric vehicle charging stations, and appliances.

Circuit design for commercial and industrial electrical projects with single and 3 phase applications range from new receptacles for computers at your reception desk, to restaurant equipment, and even more complex and sophisticated systems like motor controls including starters, variable frequency drives, and programmable logic controllers.

You don’t want to chance the damage or loss of important equipment or valuable belongings or risk a fire due to an overtaxed system or an undersized wire or device. Let a professional licensed electrician crunch the numbers and design a circuit that will keep you safe and your equipment working for years to come!

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