Electrical Changes You Need to Make in Your Home Before Installing Hot Tub

People here in the US are in love with hot tubs. 

It is one of the many reasons why more than seven million homes in the US have a hot tub installed within their premises but that doesn’t mean that installing a hot tub in your home is an easy feat. 

It needs professional assistance from a revered electrical contractor company so that they can make a whole lot of alterations as well as upgrades to the electrical system of your home. 

So what kind of alterations and upgrades are we talking about? 

Well, after you hire a revered electrical contractor and ask them to offer their hot tub installation El Dorado Hills services, they would come and carry out the following -  

  • Hot tubs are at the pinnacle of electrical appliances which is just a subtle way of stating that they would consume a lot of electricity while operational. Hence, if you have been living in a home that has traditional electrical wiring for three decades back then the electrical contractor will replace the whole electrical wiring of your home before even letting you plug in your new hot tub. The new electrical wiring in your home should be able to handle at least 100 amps. A weaker electrical system will simply burn and can even result in an electrical fire. 
  • Your home would have a service panel and your electrical contractor would advise you to install a GFCI disconnect breaker with a size that is similar to the service panel as it is the only way to keep your home and loved ones safe. In case your home needs an electrical upgrade meant for hot tubs then the electrical contractor will advise you to install a house circuit breaker panel, an outside disconnect GFCI box as well as a spa control system box. 
  • In case you are installing a 240V hot tub in your home then the electrical hot tub installation Folsom contractor will install a four-wire hook-up along with an AWG #6 copper wire. 
  • After you have chosen and finalized the location of the hot tub, you would need to allow the electrical contractor to review the location as it is the only way you can steer clear of legal problems. Authorities have stated that you can install a hot tub in your home not more than five feet away from the main building and the property line – you would need to make sure of this. 
  • The electrical contractor will also make sure that the hot tub installation location you have chosen is at a safe distance (ten feet) from overhead power lines and at least five feet from the panel that connects the hot tub to the electrical grid of your home. 
  • You would need to provide details about the route through which the electrical conduit is connecting the hot tub to the electrical system of your home for the best results. 
  • You would also need to make sure that the electrical contractor is installing a 50-amp GFCI separately for the pump accompanying the hot tub. 


By now, you know that installing a hot tub needs a certain amount of preparation from your end which is why; it is in your best interest to hire a veteran electrical contractor that is proficient in can light installation as well as hot tub installation projects.


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