Causes Electrical Fires in a Home and Ways to prevent them

Causes Electrical Fires in a Home and Ways to prevent them

American homes are the most technologically advanced these days yet there are instances where some tend to suffer from electrical fires now and then.

How is that possible?

What can you do to keep such incidents from happening at your home?

Well, the answers to the above questions are enunciated in the sections below. Read on to know more -


According to a licensed electrician El Dorado Hills, the average American man or woman often tend to take charge of small repairs in their homes to save a few dollars. It is an acceptable practice sure, but it is also best to keep in mind that DIY electrical renovation or repair and even installation work will not be on par with the finesse a certified electrician can achieve.


You should never overload extension cords and always ensure that the overall rating of the cord is more than the appliance you are connecting to the same. Fail to do this and you will be burning the extension cord. In such cases, the appliance will also sustain irreparable damages.

The best step forward is to refrain from using extension cords and hire the best electrician Folsom CA in order to increase the number of power outlets in your home.


According to the expert opinion of the best electrician El Dorado Hills CA, often people tend to break off the third prong in the power cable of an electrical appliance in order to power the same from a two-pronged outlet. This is yet another reason that can easily escalate to an electrical fire.

You see the third prong is known as ‘ground’. It acts as an outlet for electrical surges so that the power outlet, the electrical appliance, and the electrical system of your home do not sustain any damage.

In a nutshell, never break off the third prong in a power cable of an appliance.


This is pretty easy –

· Never take on electrical projects in your home as do-it-yourself electrical projects often lead to disasters!

· Always make sure that your home is equipped with the best quality electrical wiring. Make sure that the insulating material on the wiring you have chosen is non-flammable.

· Make sure that heat-generating electrical appliances in your home are away from flammable materials.

· Make sure that the vents of electrical equipment are clear from debris and blockages.

· Always hire a certified electrician Folsom every two months or so and ask the professional to check the electrical system of your home. This will keep the system efficient and safe.

· Upgrade the electrical system of your home in case you live in a building/house that was built decades ago.

· Ensure that the repair or replacement work your home’s electrical system might need is done on a priority basis to keep electrical fires at bay.


Your home is not only your investment but also the place where you and your loved ones reside. Pledge today to ensure that your home is safe for your family to live in. All you would have to do is ask a certified electrician to come down and give the electrical system of your home a thorough inspection.


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