Almost Everything You Need to know About the Circuit Breaker System

One of the most important electrical safety devices ever invented for homes and commercial complexes alike is the electrical circuit breaker system.


According to the opinion of a spokesperson associated with a company that offers licensed electrician El Dorado Hills services, a circuit breaker system consists of small circuit breakers that are connected to all the circuits in your property. The system will also house a large circuit breaker which when engaged, can stop the main electrical supply to your property. The main circuit breaker can handle the amperage of about 200 amps.


According to one of the best electricians Folsom CA, a circuit breaker system will automatically disrupt the flow of electricity through the circuit it is attached with as soon as it detects a sudden surge in electrical current through it that is way above the designed limits.

In this way, an electrical circuit breaker system helps in protecting homes and commercial complexes from burning down to the ground due to electrical fires that resulted from excessive heat generation in the electrical wires. They also keep arcing at bay. Arcing occurs when the electrical system suffered a short circuit. Electrical circuit breaker systems also save lives by keeping people from getting electrocuted. They are also responsible for the safety of expensive and sensitive consumer electronics.


A circuit breaker will swing into action as soon as –

· It detects too much electrical current is passing through the circuit it is attached to.

· It detects that the life and the neutral wires of the electrical system in the property have somehow fused.

· It detects that a circuit has been damaged which is resulting in arcing, electrical leaks, or short circuits.


In case you want to switch off the main electrical supply to your home or place of business, you should begin by switching the main circuit breaker off. After that, you would also need to switch the smaller circuit breakers in order to ensure that the property is now free from flowing electricity and is ready to be worked on.

In case the circuit breaker system in your home or place of the business engages and shuts down power to your property then refrain from resetting the circuit breaker system

right away. First, ascertain the reason for the event by hiring an electrician El Dorado Hills and asking them to inspect the electrical system and after getting the ‘okay’ from the electrician; reset the circuit breaker system, for the best results.


It is pretty important to know the basic and some advanced aspects of the circuit breaker system installed in your home or place of business. Power cuts in your property can not only occur when the main supply to your home or place of business has shut down. It can also occur if the circuit breaker system in your property has engaged for some reason. Hence, keep the information shared in this post in your mind, and when you can, hire a licensed electrician and ask them to inspect the circuit breaker system installed in your property, for the best results.


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