Benefits of Charging Your EV at Home

Buying an EV is one of the best and probably the easiest ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. On that note, EV owners often choose not to charge their EVs in their homes. Instead, they charge the vehicle in dedicated EV charging stations.

But, this, in turn, defeats the purpose of reducing a person’s carbon footprint. The solution to this issue is simple – a person should charge their EV in their home and there are plenty of benefits when one chooses to do so.

Some of those benefits are as follows -

It is cheaper to charge your EV in your home – don’t you think?

A renowned electrical contractor Folsom often advises his clients to install EV charging panels in their homes as this step is way cheaper than charging an EV at a public charging station.

The concept is simple to understand.

It takes a lot of money, time, and energy to take your EV to a public charging station and use the same to charge the vehicle. Instead, you can always pay a flat fee to a certified electrical contractor after the professional install an EV charging panel in your home.

In this way, you can charge your vehicle without paying extra as you will be using the power from your home’s electrical supply.

It adds to the convenience factor

It is convenient to hire an electrical contractor El Dorado Hills to install an EV charging panel that can support level 2 chargers.


Well, let us suppose that you have plans to meet your parent who lives 50 miles away from your home but your EV is low on power. Now, on average, a level two EV charger takes about six hours to fully charge an EV.

So, if you do have an EV panel installed in your home, you can just plug your EV in and go to sleep. By the next morning, your EV will be fully charged.

In this way, you will be saving yourself from the trouble of driving to the charging station early morning only to find that there is already a long queue!

Get the point!?

It is safer to charge your EV at your home

Charging your EV at home is way safer than charging the same at a public charging station and this statement can be backed by a plethora of reasons.

For instance, charging your EV at a public charging station puts your car at risk. Since your EV is not within the safety net of your home, the chances are high that your EV might fall prey to miscreants, vandals, car thieves, or an act of god such as a flash flood.

To keep your car safe, hire a licensed electrician El Dorado Hills today and equip your home with an EV charging panel right away.


To reap all of the aforementioned benefits of installing an EV charging panel in your home and also ensure that it is safe for regular use, you would need to hire a renowned electrical contractor. If you fail to do so then the results will not be on par with your expectation nor will it be safe – remember this.